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Base Station Power Managment Connection Failure


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Hello, one of my basestation stopped working with Power Managment. 

Under 'Managed Base Stations' one of my stations has yellow triangle with exclamation point. SteamVR says "Connection failure. Click 'Refresh' to try again". Pressing that button didn't helps.
Also tried restart PC, linkbox, SteamVR, basestation.




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@Krogenit - It seems like you're on the beta branch of 1.8.20 - this is now the main stable branch of as Friday the 8th and it contains updates that specifically modify how base-station power management works and the distro contains firmware updates for the stations (release notes). The issue could be wrapped up in this update. I might suggest getting the public version of 1.8.20 and checking to see if all of the firmware is updated across the devices as a first step.

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