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Cosmos Viveport Infinity Redemption Issues? READ THIS


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I understand there is some confusion on this so hopefully this will help clarify.

The inbox code that comes in the box with your Cosmos (or any of our other kits) unlocks whatever current promotion that is active.  In the case of the Cosmos pre-order 1 year Infinity subscription offer, this promotion expired in early November and is now a 6 month offering. 


If you missed the redemption period we can still help you get your pre-order promotion!


If you missed the redemption period for the 1 year pre-order promotion, please redeem the current six month offer and follow the instructions below for getting the remaining period of your subscription.


Please get in touch with our escalation team by emailing THIS ADDRESS with the following information:

Your Name and Location (EU, North America, etc):

A screenshot of your Viveport Account ID from this site (you will need to sign in using the account you use your Viveport service with and that you used to redeem the previous code)  https://account.htcvive.com/troubleshooting :

Proof of Purchase for your Cosmos purchase

The team will confirm what you have redeemed and your eligibility for the Cosmos pre-order 1 year Infinity promotion and provide you with a separate code to complete the remaining full year period.


Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.


Kind Regards,


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