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Cosmos Beta Release -


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VIVE Cosmos Beta – Beta Release Notes  

Released 11/18/2019  



  • Room Setup will no longer be blocked by the high brightness notification. 
  • Improved tracking experience during dynamic movements when using VIVE Wireless Adapter.  


  • Improved lower side tracking performance 


  • Fixed a bug where the boundary would not be triggered when the controller is static. 
  • Fixed bugs where Origin would behave abnormally when set as the default home environment. 
  • Fixed vignette setting can only be on/off on pass through but now also work on content to address Phr00t’s feedback 


  • Fixed an issue where multiple transitional animations would occur when launching content. 
  • Improved controller pointer behavior when using Lens. 


  • Updated environmental sounds and refined the tutorial. 
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Can't wait to try this one out! Thank you! I presume this is how the setting is changed (haven't tested yet):


and the setting is:

   "htcvr" : {
      "ApplyHiddenMesh" : true,

... where you change it to "false" while VivePort/Console is closed.

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A little bit off improvement, but left and right near to the floor still not very good tracking. Aegerly awaiting on the spot realining room ( like other vr sets), changing between static and full room takes way to much time. ( changing from earth vr sitting down  to playing  room games ) And even using static standing and sitting the room again has to be reconfigured , it should know where the floor is , but perhaps i am thinking to simple.  Interaction steam versus viveport sometimes troublesom.When i am slightly refitting the headset ( for clearer view) the tracking sometimes goes everywhere, but since the updates it at least resumes faster

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One thing I've noticed, which I didn't report due to more pressing issues: I don't think the chromatic abberation correction settings are accurate. When viewing white text in the center of your view, it is fine. As it moves into the edges of the display, it is very easy to see the red and blue channels separating. This seems to happen even within the "sweet spot".

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@Ptipsecurity - This is my first time seeing you posting in our community so welcome !!!! Thank you for sharing your feedback and I do apologize for not meeting your tracking standards currently. Please do note that our engineering team is dedicated and working hard to push ongoing updates to address any issues, feature requests, and improvement to the Cosmos. It only gets better from here! If you'd like to contribute to help us improve tracking, you can submit an issue report: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6662-how-to-report-issue-through-vive-console/.

Regarding the static to room sitting experience, could you elaborate a little more on what you'd like to see to improve this? I'm trying to picture this in my head... are you talking about like a quick calibrate setting like what SteamVR has? Could you share with me what other headsets are doing that address this? Thanks!

Regarding the tracking loss when refitting the headset, try your best to avoid covering the two cameras on the sides of the headset. This happens to me too when I use both my hands to hold the headset completely covering the cameras. If you're already doing that, then just ignore this tip and hang tight for more tracking improvements !


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i made my comments in the mail conversation i had with Jack from the htc vive support team. But i think it will be more usefull to post my remarks here. Since aquiring the headset some great steps have been made in the way of tracking, but while using the headset 

it feels they are not consistent . Also the steam/viveport portals are very confusing, and sometimes blocking opening other apps. I was already a member off viveport for another vr headset, and comparing these 2 sets, i have to admit that the one i bought earlier this year was rigth out off the box 

a better headset  ( i find at this moment that at 799 euro the HTC Vive cosmos is far from a bargain btw). I hope you will me make me eat my words by delvering an awsome VR headset and i hope it will live up to my expectations, but there is a long road ahead 

and i am willing to help you  i you want me to. 

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With quick tracking i mean that while in a vr programs, sometimes the cosmos loses it heading, so if you facing forward, and all off a sudden the programs starts to the left of you, so you have to turn left , or start all over again . In the other headset you can push "the vive button" and a pointer appears and lets you determine what is the heading that you wan to face..

Another strange thing is that when you recalibrate the room, when i first had to do it with the Vive Cosmos , i took some time and you had to look every way, now it is almost instant, it is just a feel , but does it not make the process less accurat ?



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I tried this update briefly at lunchtime but had to return to work. Now this is different testing for me because most of my testing takes place under bulb light in the evenings. My orientation had me facing a window with sunlight but not shining directly at the headset..

However I found the tracking worse than the night before (playing Beat Saber). Should this be the case? The controllers suddenly decided to stay in one place occasionally only turning when I turned the controller. Surely I don;t need to re calibrate every time under different light conditions?

So unfortunately, overall, giving the ok to tracking is still way off for me 😞

As a sub comment, you seem to be relying heavily on us to do all the testing for these updates. Isn't HTC a big enough company to do this testing 95% themselves? And if so, why are we still having issues? This is the biggest thing that worries me.

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