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About GetValidity() in SRanipal Unreal SDK


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I would like to make sure about GetValidity() in SRanipal Unreal SDK.
(I'm using Unreal Engine 4.22.3, SRanipal_Runtime, SRanipalSDK

I have checked the source code concerned to GetValidity() in SDK (see TEXT1 below) and seemed to discover that GetValidity() is incorrect in a part of the code.
If the validity as an argument with GetValidity() is SINGLE_EYE_DATA_GAZE_ORIGIN_VALIDITY and its flug also be been on in an eye_data_validata_bit_mask, the function should return the TRUE, however, it returns FALSE.
Because, SINGLE_EYE_DATA_GAZE_ORIGIN_VALIDITY defines 0 in the SingleEyeDataValidity(TEXT1) as enum.
Therefore, the source code should be corrected as GetValidity() in TEXT2, or SINGLE_EYE_DATA_GAZE_ORIGIN_VALIDITY should be not 0, how is this?

-TEXT1(This is SRanipal_Eyes_Enums.h)-

enum SingleEyeDataValidity {

typedef struct SingleEyeData
        /** The bits containing all validity for this frame.*/
        uint64_t eye_data_validata_bit_mask;

        bool GetValidity(SingleEyeDataValidity validity) {
                 return (eye_data_validata_bit_mask & (uint64)validity) > 0;


bool GetValidity(SingleEyeDataValidity validity) {
        return (eye_data_validata_bit_mask & ((uint64)1 << (uint64)validity)) > 0;

Thank you.



@Daniel_Y @zzy


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