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Cosmos WIreless Clip kit without battery?


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We seem to have a certain item being sold in the UK which involves the kit needed to attach the Cosmos to the Wireless adapter but apparently without the actual battery needed to power it.

Can I ask if this is actually an official item sold by HTC and (if so), what is the point of it without the battery (as at the moment you can't buy a similar battery from anywhere else with the correct power output needed)?

The one I am looking at is https://www.scan.co.uk/products/htc-wireless-adapter-clip-for-htc-vive-cosmos-vr-headset-this-clip-is-required-to-enable-compatibili


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59 minutes ago, stvnxu said:

Hi @Dickytwo,

If you're interested in getting the Cosmos Wireless adapter, I would suggest getting it directly from our site to ensure you have everything you need!



The problem there is that you charge a hell of a lot for delivery. Plus I really don’t fancy returning it to Romania if there is a problem.

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4 minutes ago, stvnxu said:

Hey @Dickytwo,

Thanks for your patience here. I can confirm the link you provided initially (Scan) is a verified reseller. The Cosmos kit listed on their site will include the battery. It is an error on their part on the listing. 


Many thanks for confirming, I can actually confirm they have the battery in their display pics now. Not sure if you had anything to do with that 🙂

Now, if you could only sort that tracking....

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chow yun fat yes GIF

Glad it worked out! 

Regarding tracking - yes, I'll be putting together another report to send internally based on everyone's feedback on the thread. Will do my best to get what you guys are looking for. Please hang in there. 

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