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Bases Station Error 10010


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I'm trying to get figure out if there is a solution for the base station error 10010. I've done tons of research and everyone ends up having to send it in. However, because my warranty apparently expired literally two days ago they won't fix it for free.

Kind of upsetting that I've been paying for VIVE port and my vive is barely a year old (apparently 2 days two old) and I'm having issues like this and am expected to pay an addition $90-150 just to use the $500+ piece of equipment I bought. 

Especially when this is a very common issue and was apparently fixed on newer model base station....

I appreciate that it seemed like the customer support rep cared and was nice, but I'm really surprised there was nothing that could be done...

I was really excited about the Cosmos and was considering getting it but not if this is what happens whenever something breaks...

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@EvanU5 - Basestations are high-precision mechanical devices  that spin around at high-speeds. Each rotor in a basestation rotates at ~3600 rpm (~216,000 rotations per hour) so depending on your usage and a handful of other factors, they can eventually encounter wear and tear and other mechanical issues which can only be fixed by physically servicing them. It's simply a trade-off of being a mechanically based tracking system (with the benefit being higher fidelity tracking than other consumer systems). The newer 2.0 basestations are mechanical devices and thus share very similar constraints - issues just report under a different error code (usually a flashing red light) and there is one rotor rather than two.

This is actually why we went with optical tracking as the default tracking mechanism for Vive Cosmos. Although optical tracking currently not as precise as basestation tracking, it doesn't rely on expensive mechanical devices such as base stations and offers an overall lower barrier of entry and maintenance than current externally tracked solutions

Warranties very by country so I can't speak to your specific case. I'll PM you an address you can email for a second opinion.

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@EvanU5 - The base-station issue that's most feasible to self-repair is re-gluing a detached lens from the laser aperture - you can usually hear that lens floating about the device. Most other types of repairs require specialized equipment and usually requires the station to undergo a precision re-calibration process.

@TomCgcmfc - That "fix" isn't really a fix. It simply reverts the firmware of the station back to an earlier version that lacks self-diagnostics and internal error reporting features. The issue will still be be present - it just doesn't get reported. In some failure states, this "fix" will an allow a rotor to emit bad sweep data rather than cutting power to the affected rotor/diode which can more negatively impact tracking than if only one of the rotors was outputting sweeps. The Valve employee who initially shared that procedure has publicly posted about regretting that they shared that procedure due to how much confusion it's caused on the care side. Most people who are using this "fix" still actually have an issue with their station but it certainly can help in some cases where firmware becomes corrupted or an update fails.

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