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How to send internal value of HMD to 3rd party program?


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I 'm connecting Unity with Vive pro to Labview to control external camera.

I knew very conventional way to send value(X, Y, Z rotation value) through text file output.

but It is a bit slow and not real-time. text file should be closed for reading from Labview.


So I found some on google way to send value. but I wonder these are available and what do you think which method is best way for real-time connection.


1) Read registry

As I know, SRwork updates its internal value to registry. (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Vive_SRWorks)

No need to make complex function. some works needed on Labview.

but It seems not work. registry values are still 0 while running and can't build at now. like a topic below. sad.. ;(


2) Command line (Communicate through CMD)



NI shows examples to connect Labview. but these seems to hard from tutorial..

anyway I'm studying about this.



How do you think?  I need your help! 🙂

@Jad, @Daniel_Y, @Dario, @Corvus @Andy.YC_Wang

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