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Scale of Imported objects from blender


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Did you try to change fbx units? I mean, if the item you are working with is extremely huge, you probably have a scale factor issue. -> https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/class-FBXImporter.html

Go to the fbx and in the model import, check the import units. if it´s 1, try to write down a 100. Or try a number so you can change the scale to a normal one. Then, if you need to change local scale to 1.5 because you have to make minor changes, then you should be able to work in unity as usual

Hope this helps. But to be honest i dont really understand what you are trying to achieve :S

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@okocha1337 I'm honestly not sure if this is an Blender -> Unity workflow or a SRWorks thing. I have quite a bit of experience creating 3D models in the context of photogrammetry and I always struggled with getting remotely accurate scale when processing modelings in Blender - I never really cracked that workflow and Blender is quite an expansive tool. I know others in the 3D scanning community have shared similar challenges with scale.

This may be worth a try: https://blog.mattnewport.com/fixing-scale-problems-exporting-fbx-files-from-blender-to-unity-5/

I think an important question here is generic assets such as a 1x1x1m test cube is rendering at the correct real-world size in SRworks so you can isolate it to your custom asset or the SDK/Unity scene.

P.S. Thanks for contributing @JCSegula - I appreciate it 🙂

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