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Red Flashing - Left Eye Flashes


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When I installed my device, the new firmware version of my headset was updated. The update was completed successfully, but after that it started flashing after 1min use.

Only righ eye have a problem with blink. Left eye is OK.


Any solution?


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Copying and pasting to this thread:

Have you tried any of the following solutions proposed by the community?

  1.  I did some research and people who had experienced this recommended replacing the 3-1 cable. I replaced the 3-1 cable, however I'm still experiencing the same problem.
  2. Bypassing the Linkbox and connecting the 3-in-1 cable directly to the PC.
  3. Bypassing the 3-in-1 cable and connecting the small cable straight into the Vive HMD.
  4. Re-installing all the vive usb drivers.
  5. The next thing I would check is my GPU drivers. Reinstall them if necessary, but if that doesn't work, I would think that the issue may lie in the HMD itself and you may need to set up an RMA.



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