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Viveport Submission Errors


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I am looking for some support with errors that we are seeing when trying to complete the submission process on Viveport.


While selecting Submit for Review we are presented with two errors.


Viveport listing, Description, Please enter numbers or words in English.

As far as we can tell there should be no errors with the description text used here and all words are entered in English.


Binary Build, Invalid json string. We have not changed anything in the manifest that is generated and I have followed all the steps discussed on this thread (http://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/Viveport-Unity-App-Submission-Manifest/m-p/4150) and I'm still seeing this error.


Any support that can be provided with this issue is appreciated.

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Hi  - I'm going to escalate this, but sounds like  already diagnosed the issue. Can you try resubmitting without apostrophes or semi-colons in your title and description? If it works, it'll give us a clear use case we can test against.

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