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IPD for lenses


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Hi there, I thought I'd create a thread, I am having an issue with my newly purchases VIVE Cosmos in that when I am trying to use the IPD knob on the side, it doesn't seem to move the lenses close enough. One eye is fine, and the other is a slight blury still, but if I move the headset a little further over I can see fine. Is there any method in getting the lenses to be a little closer together at all?



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Hey @MXR156,

Thanks for creating this thread and sharing! Sorry about the issue you're experiencing. The IPD knob on the side allows all users to customize the lenses to best match their interpupillary distance (distance between your two eyes). There is a maximum and minimum range this knob can reach.

It may sound like you reached the range limit, but I find it odd that if you move the headset further then you can see fine on both. That method doesn't bring the lenses closer, but rather it means you were able to better align the position of your eyes to be at the center of the lenses ("sweet spot"). 

Try seeing if you can play with the fitting of the head mount strap to lock in place the position of where you can see through both fine.

Here's an article on fitting guide to:


Hope this works !




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