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more base stations in room


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i would like to play with 3 people in a room. we have 4 computer, 4 headset, 8 controller, and 8 base stations (SteamVR Base Station 2.0). if we mount all the base stations, it is a mess, we cannot play. can we somehow setup this 8 base station, to work in the room? Could you give me some guide pls?:)


thx, sry english is not my nativ







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Currently, a SteamVR instance can only accept signals from a maximum of 4 stations during a tracked session. You cannot track an HMD using more than 4 stations currently.

Source: https://forum.vive.com/topic/6755-7-vive-pro16-base-station-setup-issues/

Try it with just 4 base stations - should work then! I'm facing the same issue till i just use 4 in one room. 



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  • With all 8 of the stations powered on, go into basestation management via SteamVR -> Settings -> Basestation -> Configure Base Station channels and use automatic configuration to ensure every basestation is on a unique channel. If you don't have each station on a separate channel, tracking will go haywire.
  • Only 4 stations are supported at time per HMD/SteamVR instance. We recommend that when you're running roomsetup for a given HMD, due to the lack of advanced UI/UX within SteamVR, that you run roomsetup for a given HMD with only the 4 stations powered on that you specifically want that headset tracked by that way your roomsetup configuration is specifically tied to the 4 stations you want that specific HMD to be tracked by. This is generally the easiest way to ensure a correct setup.
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