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What's this htc vive 2.0 I am hearing about?


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I saw it on youtube that htc is releasing htc vive 2.0 in next few months. What is this? Does it have better screen or something? Less screendoor effect, sharper visual and slicker design? I am super curious about this because I would definitely get one.  haha..

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Not going to happen in the next couple of month. 
Its all made up hype,
If you believe its going to be wireless with 4k screens running 90fps then find me a home pc that will run it :) 

The day after a new phone is launched the press and click bait web pages are all printing that the next new model will have etc. the phone is only a day old and the next new spec is already being speculated. 
 might be able to add something extra but i dont foresee a new model until end of 2017 at the earliest. 

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