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Base station 2.0 is blinking red


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@Captn_Cabolfa -

A solid or flashing red light on a 2.0  base station usually indicates that there is a mechanical problem within the station. These usually require the device to have to be sent in for repair. Depending on when you purchased the unit from us and the other circumstances of your specific case, a repair or replacement may be fall under warranty

Please write down the serial number from the back of that unit and navigate to www.vive.com/support -> contact us -> contact us to request a repair RMA from an agent specific to your region.

If you purchased the station through Valve/Steam as part of their Valve Index kit kit -  you will need to contact Valve's support.

There are no user-side fixes for mechanical failures on base stations.


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I've seen the posts that a blinking red light is usually a mechanical issue, yet I hope my case is different 😕 as I can not think of any cause for a mechanical failure. The basesation was working fine yesterday morning and was blinking red yesterday afternoon. There was no fall, bump or any impact in the mean time, it has just been on the clamp on my doorway as always. Also, when I plug the basestation in it starts normally, it goes from white to blinking blue to green light and then after about 10 seconds it goes blinking red.

I tried connecting the basestation to my laptop and run the firmware recovery tool, but that did not find the basestation.

Any thoughts? Is it really broken or is there some way to rescue it (it is almost 2 years old, so I'm afraid not under warranty anymore)?

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Yeah Im having the same issue with my basesation. I have had it for around 2 years and it started blinking out of nowhere. Support is down right now can someone submit a ticket for me, thank you in advance.

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