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Traveling from Ireland to USA - can i buy trackers there?


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Hi there,

I'm visiting family over the sessional holiday and was thinking of buying some trackers and deluxe audio strap in USA.
Is there any compatibility between trackers bought state side to that of the HTC Vive bought in Ireland?
(i know i bought a car radio before and the frequencies where off so i wanted to check first)


All the best

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@DarkSlice - There's no difference in either of these SKUs between US and EU; they're the same hardware and all watchman enabled gear (Trackers, controllers) use standard bluetooth RF (~2.45Ghz). The real difference here is that if you buy a unit in the US the warranty is tied to the US and our EU based care team can't process any warranty related RMAs as the unit will be out of region and not visible in their database. That's the real disadvantage from purchasing while in a foreign country.

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