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Debugging failed connection to wireless


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tl;dr: I cannot connect to my wireless headset; how can I figure out what's wrong?

Vive Pro + Wireless has been working fine for many months now. Tried to use it at a party and it wouldn't connect. I launch the Vive Wireless application and it says that it cannot find a headset and I need to pair. The headset is powered on—red light on the side and slow blinking green light on top on the wireless.

I tried rebooting the PC. I tried unplugging and re-plugging the cables between the wireless and the headset. I tried holding down the button on top of the wireless. I pressed "Pair" button repeatedly in the software. No change in the behavior. I tried changing the power source for the headset to a different (also fully-charged) battery.

I don't know what caused it to break, and I don't want to have to just spend $280 to see if maybe replacing the wireless adapter fixes it.

How can I further debug the problem? Is there a way to discern if it's the wireless receiver at fault versus the card in the PC, cable, or clamp-on antenna? Is there a way to hard reset/reboot the wireless other than pulling power? Are there log files anywhere that provide more details?


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