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DRM and Vive Enterprise


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Hello there !

I may have misunderstood something with the drm integration process for my Vive Focus app with Vive Enteprise.

I'm using the Vive Enterprise Console to add a new apk.  Should I use the Viveport ID and the Viveport Key that are displayed during the process of creation of my app ? It looks like it is not working for me. Getting the error "No permission. Not allowed".

So I tried to use my Account ID displayed on the Developer Console as the Viveport ID, but its not working either. 

Do I need to create a new content on the Developer Console, get ID and Key displayed, and create also the same content on the Vive Enterprise Console ? IDs and keys will not be the same though...

Thanks for your answer

@chihyi @Ken Lee

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Ok I think I still have a bug with licenses checking.

I created a sample app with Unity, using the ViveportSampleDRM script. So the expected behaviour is quit the app if fail on Init() or GetLicense()

Here is what I did :

- Create a new app through vive enterprise console with the admin account, and assign the admin account to the app,

- Get into the Focus Headset with the admin account, download and install the app (shown in the Enteprise tab) and launch the app => OK

- Disconnect from the admin account on the Focus Headset => The app is still installed and if I try to launch it, it quits => OK

- Create and invite a new user through the vive enterprise console, but no assignment yet.

- Get into the Focus Headset with the new user account. Try to launch the app (which is still installed, but not shown in the enteprise tab)=> Quit => OK

- Assign the new user account to the app on the vive enterprise console.

- Get into the Focus Headset again => App is shown in the enteprise tab => Launch => Play => OK

And here is the unexpected behaviour ?

If I remove the user assigment to the app and even if I delete the user from the enterprise, the user can still play the app installed on the Focus Headset (but not shown in the enteprise tab)

Did I miss something ?

Thanks a lot...

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Currently the cache will expire in 14 days (fixed length in current design)

For the enterprise use case, once you un-assign the title to this user, or remove user from the organization, this user will lose access to the title after the cache expired. 

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@Ken Lee Indeed, it's been two weeks and the access is not allowed anymore !

Thank you very much for your help 🙂

I have another question, currently the limit of simultaneous users accounts on Vive Enterprise is 10.

Is there a way to increase this number, with Vive Advantage program maybe ?

Thanks again...

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@Ken Lee

Thanks for you quick reply,. Actually we are still discussing the way we must use Vive Enterprise for our needs.

For now 10 is enough, but within the year we may need to increase to 15 or 20 users so I just wanted to know how to do it.

I understand we must ask directly to the support 🙂

Thanks again !

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