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Any chance 3in1 cables are going to be re-stocked?


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@Juggoire - I'll ask our product team what the plan with this specific accessory is. That said, the OG Vive is end of life overall. It's not that we're trying to push new users to things like wireless, it's that all of this stuff has to be manufactured and establishing that manufacturing line requires specialized tooling and technicians. Modern manufacturing is an economy of scales, it becomes impractical to produce an item and distribute it internationally unless there is enough demand to offset the manufacturing overhead.

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@Jakey - The Vive Pro cable is the same as Cosmos; you'll be able to get ahold of this style of cable well into the foreseeable future.

@Juggoire, They're currently in stock in most regions and are only out in a handful of regions. They are expected to be replenished but specific details will vary by region. If you need one now - you can contact our care team to arrange for one.

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