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Wearing the headset comfortably


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Hey there, I recently purchased the vive cosmos. I had a rift cv1 originally a few years back. I switched to vive cosmos for the wireless. And going wireless is awesome but the biggest problem I'm having is finding a place where the headset seems to fit and give good optics. I haven't been able to find a way to wear it where I see the horizontal lines clearly. Ive messed with the IPD settings and the vertical lines are clear. Any tips for getting the headset to fit and give clear vision horizontally?  Also it seems like the headset is too loose or something and when moving around it doesn't stay on my face very well. 

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Hi @bkz444,

Welcome to the Cosmos family ❤️ Glad you're enjoying the wireless + cosmos combo. 

Regarding the fit, every user experience will be different due to their individual head shape and eyes. Horizontal lines will be due to the vertical alignment. Here's my tips:

  1. Check out this user fitting guide: https://www.vive.com/eu/support/cosmos/category_howto/putting-the-headset-on.html
  2. Follow those steps first to see if you can get the right fit. 
  3. If those tips didn't work, I would first suggest just putting the headset on without locking/tightening it. Instead just hold the headset temporarily with your hands. 
  4. Move the headset up and down your face to identify the best clarity for the horizontal lines. 
  5. Once identified, loosen the velco strap, put the halo strap down and tighten with the wheel. 
  6. Adjust the top velcro strap to reduce any slack. 

Hope this helps~~


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