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so i just found out somethings sticking out of my vive controller now what im wondering is if this is a part of the controller that has sprung loose from the inside or if its something else since i have no idea and if its a part of the controller that has sprung loose will it go under the warrantyimage0.thumb.png.fce243ff532ec3ba40167f85c8e60032.png

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@Donald123, The part in the white? It's a little low resolution to take a good guess at what's happening here. The part in green appears to be an impact mark from the controller hitting something but I can't really tell what's going on with white. It could also be an impact mark.

There's no PBC directly under that portion of the controller but there is a fragile flex ribbon that's routed around that portion of the chasing. There are screw mounts that sit on the edges of that seam but they're pretty close to the edge and the mount has a metal anchor built in to re-enforce it and I don't see that anchor exposed. I'm not sure that you could squeeze the controller tight enough to get that screw to surface without there being other signs of damage. Not really sure on this one. You can definitely contact our hardware support team to have them look at it - they'll only RMA it under warranty if it's a defect related to the design or manufacturer and not if if it's from physical usage such as hitting it or squeezing it. This may be an impact mark that's deep enough that it's exposing that screw mount - the location seems closed to that screw mount.





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21 minutes ago, Donald123 said:

here is a picture from another angle

image0 (1).png

@Donald123 Oh yeah, that picture is pretty wild. I've never seen something like this before on a Vive wand and would definitely recommend contacting the people I PM'ed you for someone on the proper hardware team to weigh in. I can't tell if that's foreign or part of the internal housing but it looks like it's a polished piece of plastic. The screw housing I was referencing is more rectangular than this appears to be but it's kind of difficult at this resolution and focus to really make any educated guesses.

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