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CPU pegged at 100% usage Cosmos / wireless (wigig). Bad stuttering and drops. Help!


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Windows 10 Pro

MSI z270 titanium m/b

I7 7700k @4.8ghz water cooled

1080ti water cooled

32gig Trident 3000mhz 2x16mb sticks

m.2 256gb samsung boot drive.

m.2 1tb samsung game drive. 

WIGIG card installed in PCIEx1 slot gen 3


CPU usage pegged at 100% between game, vrserver, vrcompositor. 

Frequent drop outs, stuttering and glitching. 

Screen shot attached just of playing Beat Saber. Drop out and glitching worse in more graphic games. 

Any suggestions? Thought my set up would have been more than enough. 





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9 hours ago, Beta_Tester said:

Sorry just seen that your disk I/O is good, so ignore that question!! 😀


H/T is currently on with all 4 physical and all 4 H/T cores hitting 100% usage.

VR Compositor and VR server are both set to High Priority

Just the GFX card and the wigig card in the PCIE slots.

The M.2's all use some PCIE lanes but there no avoiding that and i only have one SATA drive thats used for the occasional capturing.



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8 minutes ago, Beta_Tester said:

Hmmm! Trying disabling hyper-threading in the BIOS. Are all your drivers up to date?

Unfortunately there is sometimes a lot of trial and error with the wireless adapter.

All firmware and drivers are current. When using the VR i dont have any other apps open other than what i need. So no chrome or anything. 

Guess i'll have to try turning off H/T and see if that helps. 

I've never had anything kill my CPU like this VR and Wireless. Usually it's my 1080ti which is my weakest link. Play COD on MAX daily and it sits at 115-120fps stable x 2160x1440 yet this VR is the death of it. 

Between VR Server and VR Compositor there just isn't any CPU left. How the hell are people with a lower end CPU working so well.  

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8 hours ago, Beta_Tester said:

I had exactly the same issue. I had absolutely no issues with my setup until I got the wireless adapter. It is so dependant on the CPU. The VRcompositor process is the key component - it takes the 2 video streams from the GPU and compresses them (in real-time) and then it gets sent down the PCI bus to the WiGIG card).

So from that i can take it that it's CPU core count dependent more then cpu speed? I do know my system will run 100% stable at 5ghz but i only run it at 4.8ghz due to australian heat in summer so i'm guessing cranking it back up wont help.

Anyone know how many cores VR Server and VR compositor will use? Or is it more of an issue that they aren't optimised especially for running Wireless. You would think it would use more of the GPU if it's encoding and Decoding GFX information. My GFX card seem to be sitting around 60-70% usage only. 

I've read people saying try PCIEx4 slots but that doesn't make any sense at all as the card is only a X1. 



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