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Party as in ps4?


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Before my cosmos I had a PSVR

The only intereesant thing with sony is the 'Party' so you can play your favorite multiplayer game with people regrouped from your geographic region in the party

Is there something like this with steam? So we can find people from our region to play...french for me!




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I wouldn't be able to know if Steam can do this. Maybe the community here will be able to shed more light here on that. Also try checking / engaging on the SteamVR forum to see if you can find some answers there. 

As for Viveport, I believe this 'Party' function is currently not supported.


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@oxygen4004, In regards to Steam, I don't believe they offer geo-specific matchmaking beyond optimizing matches for ping. I can't see anything referenced on it in their matchmaking API documentation. Steam is definitely PC style online multiplayer - they offer both centrally hosted and P2P based networking but overall the idea is that you have a higher degree of autonomy in choosing which servers to join. Alot of people augment Steam with additional services like Teamspeak or Discord for social presence.

With Steam and PC gaming overall, the emphasis is on having a higher degree of control over which sever you join, typically via a sever selection UI. In many cases, as PC gaming is more internationally focused; there are tons of cases where you would want to join servers from far away regions (i.e. Korean Starcraft severs). Valve did launch a "remote play together" feature recently - this may fill your use case. I'd recommend asking Valve's customer service team directly though - we're not Valve and our focus is entirely VR specific and matchmaking isn't that prominent in the VR space currently.

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