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Be patient, It will work


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I originally posted here in the support forums very disgruntled that the cosmos was not natively supported by the bethesda titles, skyrim/fallout vr .

well, with a little research I found a way into my controller binding settings and found a neat keymap profile for each game. turns out you can not only make your own, but you can download someone elses keymap profile under that game title and adopt it for use. even better, the key mapping on the cosmos seems to change for each game that you are playing and it remembers the last keymap profile for that game used, and auto loads it for you without any input on your end , set and forget.


Be patient with this system, If it is giving you issues, I trust youll find an answer here on the forums or on reddit 🙂

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Copying a reply from another thread:


This specific compatibility issue is limited to FO4 & Skyrim and is related to the fact that the content was developed in Bethesda's proprietary Creation engine. It affects other newer controller types such as the Index controllers as well. The workaround linked above is currently your best bet - a true fix would require an update from Bethesda.

It's a Creation engine thing when it comes to the Bethesda titles - someone wrote a modified OpenVR driver here that you can use for Index and Cosmos controllers, it's not something Vive can fix on our side, a fix would likely have to come from Bethesda. For any other title you may be having problems with, we'd recommend checking out the community bindings, most major titles will likely have a few community binding options at this point but most should have native support nowadays.

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New Cosmos user here, and I'm still internally debating with myself whether this was a sensible purchase, or one of the most expensive mistakes in recent years. A lot of forums and online reviews are shelving the Cosmos as a big mistake, and one you shouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.

I'm still torn myself. I loooooove the visuals. Hate the controller tracking / mapping with a passion.

Anyway I digress -- I've yet to make it work properly with Skyrim VR. I downloaded a keymap file that seemed the most popular on a couple of Reddit threads (I couldn't get past the "choose your dominant hand" screen) but I'm still having major control issues.

Can't seem to be able to open chests and pick up stuff no matter what button I try - and the character customisation screen felt like a horrible nightmare.

What am I doing wrong? Is there some easy way to figure out this control mapping/customisation thing?

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