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where do I get mini display port to mini display port cables?

Ninja Flame

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Lots are available on Amazon.  Just do a bit of searching.  If you have a local PC shop they will probably have what you need as well.  Just make sure you buy ones that are 4K spec'd.  Normally the product description will say if they are VR capable.  I have my Pro on a laptop right now and I am using the mini DP adapter that a friend of mine got with his Rift S and did not need because he is using it on a desktop PC.

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5 hours ago, VibrantNebula said:

@Ninja Flame - The 3 foot version of this cable works reliably with current HMDs and is under $10.

When looking for a cable, you want it to be on the short side (1-2 meters), and be rated for 4K@60fps. You want high-bandwidth cables, and ones rated for 20gbps+ are best.

The one shown in this link is incorrect.  It is just a mini to mini DP cable.  Here is a correct one that should work fine;


Also best to get as short a one as possible or you will end up with a lot of loose cabling (and maybe poorer performance).  This one looks the same as the Rift S one I'm currently using, and you cannot get any shorter than this, lol!


I really wish Vive would ship out these adapters like Oculus does with their Rift S.

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@TomCgcmfc, OP specifically asked for an mDP -> mDP cable so I linked one that's tested and known to work with Cosmos/Pro/Pro Eye.. I don't have firsthand experience with the dongles you've linked, I'll try to pick them up and validate them firsthand.

The 3 foot version of this mDP - mDP from Cable Matters reliably works with current gen HMDs.


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He said double-sided adapter but I think he just meant he needed an adapter to use with his Vive Pro and laptop with a mini displayport.  So he needs an adapter with a mini dp male to standard dp female in order to connect the supplied Link Box dp cable into.  A lot easier to see if you have one in front of you imho.

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