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Cosmos Beta release -

Message added by C.T.

Please let me know how you think about the front direction setting under Lens. 🙂 Enjoy 

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VIVE Cosmos – Beta Release Notes  

Released January 15th 2020 

[Vive Runtime]   

  • When using wireless, the audio is now reported correctly to Windows. 
  • Improved support for systems with multiple GPUs – it is now able to detect which GPU the HMD is plugged into, and appropriately render the compositor on that GPU. 
  • Improved support for external GPUs when using a laptop already equipped with both an iGPU and dGPU. 
  • Error code adjustments for Nvidia and AMD graphic cards. 
  • Fixed error 210 for PC suspend and resume case. 

[Vive Lens]   

  • Added support for “Set Forward Direction" and "Set Floor Height" in settings for manual adjustments of the play area. 

[Vive Console]   

  • Improved firmware update UI experience. 


  • Updated download page and updated UI. 
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Thank you for your work! That a good quality of life update + bug and error fixes are always important since some people will now be able to play it without interruptions. Is there any news on Rifle Stance? No rush, since it's always better to make 1 good patch than 20 patches with little to no effect. 

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OK, the re-centre kinda works ok but is still a little buggy.  When you go back to the Vive void you are not facing the right direction and I do not seem to be able to fix this within the void.

No improvement in tracking that I can see,  Angry Birds slingshot is still pretty so-so playable.

I hope this is not as good as it gets.

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I like how the updates improved on things so far, thanks for trying a lot.

But is it just me or it now enforces local language on every piece of software?

I might be French and geographically in France, but my Windows is set to English (the way I like my computer stuff to be) and for some reason, since this update, everything was translated to French. It's nice for those who like it better that way, but could you please add an option to override the language somewhere? Thanks 😆

It may seem counter-intuitive but I'm lost when my software is translated, especially when I have to read tricks and workarounds online, and then find out I have to guess in what weird French terminology it was turned into

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Coming back from a little BeatSaver session, and noticed that the French translation for the first title/label on the Lens menu is wrong: it's a duplicate of the next title and completely unrelated to the coressponding option. Messed up translations are a big part of why I insist on being able to choose the display language :X

I suppose it's just a copy-paste mistake made by a poor overworked developer (as a developer myself, I can relate!) and actually that's what betas are for, so now you know 🙂 

To end on a more positive note: the floor and forward settings in the Lens menu are a very welcome feature! I haven't yet tested if it's kept between VR sessions, but not having to rely on the OpenVR Advanced Settings add-on to fix positioning is a major improvement already 😄

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Lets keep it real!! I am trying so hard to give this console a chance but the tracking is unbearable and it's ridiculous that it keeps getting ignored for so long and it's an issue that should not keep being pushed to the side. I am still within my 30 days and really trying so hard not to return this console but it's unfair to pay almost $700 for a half baked machine. BTW you cant keep blaming it on the inside out tracking because the oculus rift S uses the same Inside out tracking and they don't have these issues. So using this console you can't ever play any games competitively because its unreliable but the hardware aside from the tracking is amazing!! Imagine if the tracking gets fixed this console would no longer be a flop!!

please fix the tracking before anything else please for all of our sakes that wasted money on this console don't let us down!!!

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7 hours ago, A-Jey said:

Thanks a lot for doing a sidestep from the tracking enhancement to release some other bugfixes and feature additions.

While I agree with you that this beta does provide some useful features/fixes I'm very disappointed about the lack of further tracking improvements.  These enhancements were already promised after the previous updates as were 2 handed rifle type game tracking.  So, more broken promises.  If Vive really wants the Cosmos to succeed then they must achieve Oculus Rift S inside-out tracking equivalence asap.

I bought my pre-ordered Cosmos +3 months ago now I'm finding it hard not to just pack it up in its box and store it under the pool table and maybe pull it out again 6 months down the track if it's warranted.  Trying to convince myself that the Cosmos has soooo much potential is starting to get pretty old now.  As much as I like some of the Cosmos features my Oculus Rift cv1 w/2x sensors and Vive Pro w/2.0 base stations are both superior VR headsets imho.

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Aw, no tracking updates? 😓

3 hours ago, a21aaron said:

...I am still within my 30 days and really trying so hard not to return this console...

Same boat- my window closes on Jan 28th.

If there's still no fix for tracking nor announcement/release for the external tracking mod by then, I'm baby

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