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Are the base stations and controllers required?


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I'm using the HTC Vive pro only for VR racing games on PC. I'm controlling the game menu with my mouse and keyboard on the monitor screen and I only need the VR while in game. Do I still need the base station and controller? I've already installed Vive pro and steam VR but the headset doesn't seem to be working. The only thing I see in the headset is a blue screen. The speakers seem to be working properly but I can't get beyond the blue screen.  Can anyone please help me? Thanks a lot!

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You'll need at least 1 base station to see any sort of output on the Vive. You cannot run a Vive/Vive Pro without at least 1 base-station and there is no way to use it as a 3DoF headset by tracking rotation only.

Newer versions of SteamVR omit "quick calibrate" and drives you toward standard calibration which requires controllers - it would appear that nowadays you also require controllers to complete setup but you may be able to get around this by using the "reset seated position" option. @affan101

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