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Option to use the headset without room scaling?


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Hello everyone,

I'm using the Cosmos at 99% to play games on a seat (racing) so I don't really need to use controllers (and that's fortunate considering current tracking issue 😞). But, each time I'm launching the headset, it seems it "looses" the environnement and its is asking me to re-do the room configuration. I know that I'm not in a very lightened room, but as tracking is not really required for what I'm doing...

So, as I'm not using any room scale features, I'm wondering if it exists a way to launch the headset in "seated-game" mode not requiring any kind of tracking and so enabling me to use the headset as soon as I'm starting it?

Thanks in advance for your support!



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By the way, I have another question related to that topic... when, finally, the headset start the tracking, it is continuously showing a message "There are not enough features around you....". And that's true, controllers are not working very well! But, as I don't need them (I'm able to drive without any issue) and there are off... I would like to know if there is an option to make this message disappear (a kind of "disable warning"  option)?!


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