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Compatibility headset /controllers


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Hi to all you guys!

I'm new in VR and i'm starting using it for achitecture.

I have an acer windows mixed reality mask, i'm looking for new controllers.

I can not find the original...no idea why! Anyway...do you no if (VIVE controllers )can work with my mask?

Thanks for your help!!!



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  • The original Vive has reached End of Life (EOL) and is no longer manufactured or sold anymore, hence why you can't readily find new kits.
  • Controllers for the Vive/Vive Pro are SteamVR tracked devices which means they need basestations to operate. They can't be used without basestations.
  • If you have a set of basestations, and some controllers, you can technically use a tool called OpenVR-Space-Calibrator to try align the coordinate system of the basestations up with your WMR headset. That said, it takes quite some time to set up, you still need controllers and the basestations, and at that point - it's faster and easier to just also use a Vive HMD full kit and achieve native support rather than trying to rely on a third party tool to sync up the two tracking systems. Whenever you rely on customization tools like OpenVR-Space-Calibrator, you risk having SteamVR break everything when SteamVR updates.
    • We don't provide support for this tool as it's an unofficial third party tool.
    • For most people, I would classify this workaround as "way more trouble than it's worth".
    • The accuracy isn't perfect when using these types of tools.
  • Please note that Valve's newer SteamVR 2.0 base-stations can only work with 2.0 enabled gear - i.e. you can't use the new 2.0 stations with the original Vive wands. This further complicates the matter.
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Sorry mate but no Vive controllers are compatible with your windows mixed reality (WMR) headset.  Any WMR controllers will work with your current headset.  However, they are very difficult to source.  Dell was selling these for $99 but I don’t think these are available any more.  Probably your cheapest option is to try to source a new or used WMR headset with controllers from places like Amazon or eBay.


If you want to stick with the convenience of inside-out tracking (no external base stations or sensors) then you may want to consider buying either a Vive Cosmos or an Oculus Rift S.  Up to you to do your own research on these imho.

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