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No DP port laptop QAQ


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Hi im new to Vive Cosmos, I just got it this evening, however, it is 'stupid' to read all reviews before brought. 

Yes, my laptop does not have a DP port. XD

It is Gigabyte AERO 15 OLED with RTX2080, I simply buy a USB-C to DP adaptor instead to refund it unless it wont work.  Hope not.

Anyway, I just wanna say, please, all the good boys and girls go prey for my laptop and this little new guy to my home.


Bad day, bad weather, bad UK.

If this wont work, what should I do?

DOES Anyone need a brand new VR glasses?  

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@chenpingan25 - This is a USB-C -> DP adapter we've tested and know works well with Vive Products. Otherwise, you'll want to ensure the adapter specifically supports Dispayport 1.2+ at 4k a minimum of 60Hz (and >20gbps bandwidth if it lists it).

You'll also want to check the port mapping on the PC to see if the USB-C port is wired to the Nvidia card. Some laptop models save $ by only connecting the USB-C port to the dedicated graphics. I wasn't able to pull specs about this specific laptop as there are several SKUs - you may need to reach out to your manufacturer for final confirmation but you can also usually do a cursory check via the PhysX tab on Nvidia's settings

Please note, most modern HMDs require DP 1.2+ so if that USB-C port can't output it, you're going to have some severe limitations around which VR headsets you can use with that laptop.


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