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Distance between two trackers


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Hi there,

would like to measure the distance between two trackers.
Place two trackers on the floor at a distance of X cm from each other.

In Unity (SteamVR + ViveInputUtility) I use the function
1. Vector3.Distance (Tracker1.position, Tracker2.position)
    Distance -> Result
    1m -> 4,250
    0.5m -> 3,904
    0.25m -> 3.748

2. Vector3.Distance (Tracker.position.z, Tracker.position.z)
    Distance -> Result
    1m -> 3.44
    0.5m -> 3.04
    0.25m -> 2.84

What do these numbers tell me now?
I don't understand that!

I am currently using a configuration without HMD.
Do I have to calibrate the system somehow (room measurement) so that I get meaningful values?

Strangely enough, the trackers are very far below my floor. Funny too!

Thank you



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