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Headset Image slowly movin along the horizon


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One more issue with my vive cosmos... the image displayed in the headset is slowly moving from right to left without doing anything with it.

Basically, that means that I start playing a seated game an after 30 seconds I'm obliged to turn my head at almost 90 to the left to see the center of the screen. And even after recentering the view using in-game button ... it is the same!

The more I'm trying to use the Cosmos, the less I'm happy with it... please HTC do something BIG in order to improve things quickly or organize something enabling a full refund for each unhappy user. i'm getting tired of seeing no new improvements (when will arrive the next official patch for tracking? When will we be able to use the headset without tracking (for seated games for instance)?).

And seeing that your teams are working on new products instead of fixing this one... is clearly one of the worst thing I've seen these days... I'm quite sure that we finally have bought the most expensive book end with this headset...



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