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Did i just buy a dead vive headsett??


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I just bought a htc vive head sett, no cables or anything for 100$ I Have a 3.5mm 1-.3mm 12v power supply that i plugged right in too the head sett, but there is no indication off life, not even light in the led bulb. Is the led supposed to light up if only the power supply is connected?? Im afraid i bought a broken headsett :/

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@madsimilius - Vive HMDs are sold as a kit. In order to get an HMD working, you'd need not only the headset itself but all of the cables to connect it to power and the PC as well as controllers, and the basestations (along with their power supplies). Buying an HMD alone should only be done if you're familar with SteamVR devices and have things like basestations and controllers laying around.

If you're giving the HMD power - the status LED on the side of the HMD will display red. Once it's established a connection to SteamVR, that changes to green.

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