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Update Build Running in Kiosk Mode? (Vive Focus Plus)


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Once a Vive Focus Plus headset is running an application in Kiosk Mode, can the .ZIP and .APK file inside of it just be updated on the microSD card to update/change what application will run when the headset is started? Or are different/additional steps for updating the application?


@Cotta @Ken Lee

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There was a beta program that was enabling the update of 1 device. While I was expecting this to go out of beta and enable the update of many devices, they decided to shut it down without any explanation.

Its really annoying as the ability to hot update was requested by our clients.

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@Memleak1 At some point towards the end of our development phase, a contact at HTC recommended looking in to 42Gears for an MDM solution that supposedly compatible with the Focus Plus headsets (and others I assume). In any case we shelved the idea of remote updates/management for the foreseeable future.

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