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Hello everyone! I've been lurking on these forums for a few weeks and figured it would be worth getting into the conversation. I guess I was looking to get in touch with other Cosmos owners and get a feel for where everyone was at. Reading some of the recent beta posts and news regarding "new" versions of Cosmos obviously has some of us feeling a little shaken up.

I'm an early adopter of the Cosmos. Pre-ordered before anyone had released reviews or impressions on it. It was the breath of fresh air I was waiting for in the VR world, as other HMD's just seemed to be slight improvements or variations of each other - Cosmos was one of the first in my mind to attempt breaking the mold and trying something new.
After receiving it at launch I was a little worried. My play area is in a basement bedroom and gets little to no natural light. Off the hop it wouldn't work given the low light but I was undeterred, installing new lights and modifying the space. The visuals were amazing, the HMD fit great, games became playable but tracking was clearly lacking. Any form of shooting game that required the use of two hands was not happening.

From release up until now I have seen a lot of improvement to the tracking. At the time of writing this I can actually shoot a bow or rifle with both hands, with the controllers only occasionally losing position or jumping slightly if I'm completely still. I own games that were relatively unplayable in the beginning and now I'm having little to no trouble playing H3VR, Boneworks, Sairento, Blade & Sorcery and so on. 

Just wanted to thank the dev team for their work so far, and to keep refining and improving the experience. I have zero issues with the Cosmos aside from controllers getting jumpy and occasionally missing a long range shot or two. If we keep seeing continual improvement I imagine a lot more people will be standing by HTC inside-out tech. Throwing more money at my system for a tracking upgrade isn't ideal at all. 

TLDR; Cosmos tracking was awful at launch, I've seen tracking improve a great deal since then. Will be standing by for more updates. Will not be spending an arm and leg for SteamVR Faceplate + 2x Basestation + 2x Vive Controller. First post!

(Shoutout to my fave contributors on here - A-Jey, I'm loving your optimism and ride-or-die Cosmos mentality, you've inspired me to stick with the Cosmos on this journey, buying a different VR or spending more isn't an option. And TomCgcmfc, you are a true realist and I agree attention needs to be brought to the Cosmos' shortcomings, the pricepoint of it was no joke and we deserve to feel fully satisfied with the purchase.)

@C.T. @stvnxu

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