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Questions: Developing for HTC Focus + with UE4


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Hello HTC Engineers and devs, 

We are considering developing for the Focus + with the Wave SDK and had some questions we were hoping to get some advice on!

1) Engine version. Our title is built with UE4.21.2 We don't plan to upgrade the engine in the near future. We are wondering if the WaveSDK for UE4.21.2 is still able to be used, or an UE4 engine update is required?

2) SceneCapture2D. We use the SceneCapture2D a lot with our title (on Oculus Quest) and we've seen this WaveSDK forum thread from around 3 months ago:


We are wondering if this is still a known issue or it's been fixed. We had a similar issue with the Oculus Quest SDK too but had a fix. 

3) Performance. When testing out some free games from the store, and when just using the Focus+ dashboard / store environment with no other apps running, there seems to be a lot of performance issues - Low frame rate, juddering, etc. Does the WaveSDK have Fixed Foveated Rendering to improve performance? I can't see it in the docs, but did see it mentioned in the forums. For reference, the current OS firmware we are using is: 2.04.623.2

4) Platform features like Leaderboards and Achievements. I quickly searched through the SDK docs but couldn't find anything regarding this. Does the UE4 SDK support leaderboards and achievements? 

5) Tracking. When moving the controllers around, the tracking does not appear close to 1.1. We've seen a thread on the forum about drawing a figure-8 pattern and we will attempt that today. We are wondering what the tracking latency is for the controllers when working correctly. 

Thanks for reading and we'd appreciate any thoughts on the above.


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Hi @michaelwbell

Thanks for your interest in Focus+ and Wave SDK. I'll give a quick, high-level feedback to these questions first. We can discuss about more details if needed.

1) UE 4.21 and 4.22 are the recommended supported versions to the latest Wave SDK 3.1.6.

2) Regarding to the SceneCapture2D issue I'll double check with the team and confirm the status with the latest SDK.

3) Wave SDK supports Fixed Foveated Rendering with UE. You may refer to the online docs: FoveatedRendering

4) We do have these features but they're in VIVEPORT SDK, not in Wave SDK. You may refer to VIVEPORT SDK online docs:
    Stats & Achievements API
    Leaderboards API

    You may want to visit VIVEPORT Community Forum if you need technical support or further discussion about these topics,

5) If you're talking about Focus+ 6DoF controllers, basically you don't need the figure-8 calibration flow. It is for Focus 3DoF controller only. If correctly used, it shouldn't be noticeable latency when moving around. May I know the exact problem you see, and the scenario how the controllers being used? 

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