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Sudden error 204 followed by 203 on all devices

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Today, we suffered from a major outage in one of our venues. One after another, all our stations became unusable without any change from our side. Aside from a Windows defender dictionary update, we couldn't spot anything that was changed on the systems. Regardless of whether the Vive or Vive Pro is connected, the following is happening in a reproducible fashion on all devices by now, on both - SteamVR 1.9 and 1.10:

  • The headset boots, then throws an error 204, then throws an error 203 and remains in that state

Rebooting, resetting USB devices, checking Windows and nvidia updates haven't had any effect on the issue. I've attached a sample system report. Any ideas? We're completely clueless what may be the cause for this behavior. Any of the given constellations (Hardware, SteamVR versions and Windows versions) work flawlessly in all our other venues.


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