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Could the vive potentially be used for eye exam/tests?


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I don't think it would be that hard to set up a program that pretty much give you a complete eye exam through checking what is clear and unclear to you at different levels of focus making it easier to aquire glasses or see if further eye exams through actual optomitrists or optimologists.
Would this be worth trying to make or do you guys think it would be shunned because its not an actual specialist examining you?

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It would be shunned by some people, embraced by others, especially if it was a low-cost alternative. The problem is that I'm sure the medical powers-that-be would crush it just so they can keep a stranglehold on people and maintain profits. Just look at the autorefractors that are used in virtually all eye exams I've had in the last 30 years. Of course the eye doctor never lets me see how close the prescription generated by the autorefractor was to the finished prescription he gave me but I bet they are darn close.


Now, the "medical profession" is gonna say, "Oh but the human doctor checks for all kinds of diseases and condtions that the machine can't, blah blah blah, quack quack quack, you have to come to us, it's the law, bring your credit card."




I have kind of the opposite question as Charles:


Given that someone does have a refractive error requiring corrective lenses, rather that wearing corrective lenses inside the HMD/in front of the Vive's lenses, could the Vive itself make that correction through the software?


It would be cool if you could type your glasses prescription into a Settings screen and the software would make the complementary adjustment to give you clear vision.

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