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Is Vive Pro now EOL (end of life)?


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I recently saw this roadtovr report on Vive Headsets where they quote a Vive response that shows the only consumer PCVR products will be Cosmos and Cosmos Elite.  The Enterprise products now only include Vive Pro-eye variants and the current Vive Pro, along with the OG Vive are now End of life / remaining unit sell-through.   I'm not too sure that roadtovr always gets things correct and they have not actually named the Vive contact.  I'll probably believe this once I see an official HTC/Vive report/blog.  Anyway, probably worth a read;


If this is the case then there will be no longer be a Vive consumer headset with oled screens.  Too bad because my Vive Pro has much better blacks/contrast in dark games/sims than my Vive Cosmos lcd screens.

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@TomCgcmfc We are no longer manufacturing the original SKUs of Pro and are selling through remaining stock. The Pro has been succeeded by the Pro Eye as our enterprise HMD. Pro Eye is OLED.

The OLED situation is tricky because consumer feedback overwhelmingly indicated that the subpixel arrangement and resulting screen door effect was one of the most important things to consumers as it ultimately affects perceived resolution. You can see this trend replicated  across most current gen-HMDs. To boot, OLED panels are only manufactured by a handful of companies worldwide so there are some supply constraints when designing a product based around those panels.

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