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Hand tracking test 0.91 Vive Cosmos


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@zzy @VibrantNebula


Before looking at knuckles solution (with all the related costs for faceplate, base station and controllers that probably push the total price over the Index full package, and also will anyway let our inexperienced users with something to loose / break / hit) was looking if it's possible to attach a Leap Motion to Cosmos. 

From the above article seems an USB-C is available, so probably an USB-a to USB-C adapter will be needed. But will be good for power and use it? 

Did you have a Leap Motion hanging around to have a check? Just to not wait two weeks to receive the Leap Motion and discover I can't use it. 

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@VibrantNebula not interested in wireless, since I'm planning (if fits with the budget) to use a treadmill in the final setup.

In this way no controllers (using Leap Motion) and no messing with teleportation, having the headset wired will be not a problem. If all of this will fail I'll need to return back to the knuckles and wireless path. 

The only point is if someone can check if Leap Motion is working with Vive Cosmos 😁

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