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Завис и не восстановился. Не определяет гарнитуру. SreamVR "ошибка 108"


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Good time of day.
Faced the following problem:
I have been working with the HTC Vive Cosmos headset for 3 months, and today there is a problem called "Error 108". Vive Console sees everything and determines everything. SteamVR enabled safe mode, then notified of this error, and the device detection panel was empty.
The helmet screen has a grayish screen(probably a safe mode screen). If you disable the helmet by clicking on it, the image will be shown by the cameras. There is a sound in the headphones.
All this happened after launching the program Whirligig (free version), which I have already used repeatedly, but it hung(everything in the VR helmet hung) when I chose where to play the video file and had to complete the process through task disspetcher.
After that, the problem described above started.
All the ways to fix this problem that the standard instruction advises, as well as the ways that the steam community advises-unfortunately, did not help.
The situation worsened after I made a reset of the helmet settings via the vive console. The program began to require setting the parameters of the room, and then reports that the helmet was not found-restart it.
I am sending statistics in the hope that you can help solve this problem.

PC parameters:

GeForce GTX 1070
Ryzen 2600x 5 AMD six-core
32 Gb Ram

I write with the help of a translator, I apologize in advance for the syllable. I'm duplicating a similar message sent to Steam support in order to fully try to solve the problem.

I also thank you in advance for your time =)

Steam user, htc vive cosmos, Apxumekmop =)


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Good morning.
The situation is beginning to clear up .
Today I saw posts in the steam community regarding the new steamVR patch .
When the helmet is forced to shut down - steamvr falls into a safe mode, from which it can not exit(thanks to the new fix), without detecting the very headset that is required( the fact of its presence) to disable this safe mode.
By the way , rolling back to the old version of steamvr does not help.
Will wait...

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The Peewi user was able to solve this problem:

"I just got a Vive Cosmos today and ran into this issue.

It took me a while, but I found out that you can edit the file \Steam\config\steamvr.vrsettings and delete the lines related to disabling addons.

Still an issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible, of course." (с)

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