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About tracking of the Vive Cosmos compared to the Oculus Quest and PlaystationVR


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This text was originally written in German and translated into English with DeepL.

Since the release several years ago I own a PlaystationVR, since around November an Oculus Quest and since several weeks also a Vive Cosmos.

There are some things I don't like about the Cosmos compared to the other two glasses, like the chromatic aberrations of the lenses and also the enormous radiation of heat towards the face.

In particular, however, I would like to mention a few points from the tracking. The Vive Cosmos costs almost twice as much as the Oculus Quest, but is much worse than the Quest in some aspects of tracking.

The comparison was made with software version 13 on the Oculus Quest and on the Vive Cosmos.

Lighting situation

The Oculus Quest is very frugal with light. In my living room this lamp with a 3.2W LED is quite sufficient for tracking.


In my bedroom the LED flashlight from my iPhone is also sufficient as a light source.

For the HTC Cosmos, I need a lot more light until it works at all and even more light until the low light warning doesn't come up anymore. But even with an illumination by two 29W LED video lights from GVM I get the message "Not enough details" from time to time and the headset tracking freezes for a few moments.

The question in this point is: Can this be solved by software or are the cameras of the Cosmos less suitable for this task than those of the Oculus Quest?

Headset Tracking in the following

When I sit or stand still with the Oculus Quest, the picture does exactly what I expect it to do. It remains still in its place.

With the Vive Cosmos, on the other hand, a seemingly arbitrary movement in space is permanently visible. I already know this from PlaystationVR. Not at all from the quest. If I had to estimate now, at which of the two glasses the Cosmos is closer to this point, it would be definitely at the PlaystationVR.


Headset tracking to the third

Like probably most other players, I move when playing VR games. I realize that with every movement everything starts to swing a little bit. However, the consequences are very noticeable and very disturbing when playing with the Vive Cosmos.

When I walk around with the Oculus Quest or cut many blocks in Beat Saber, the image is always perfectly aligned in the direction of my head.

With PlaystationVR there is already a little restlessness in it, because the unit with the displays only floats in front of the face and gets into vibration by movements.

With the Vive Cosmos, however, the image trembles most when body movements occur, compared to the other two glasses. The unit with the displays of the Cosmos is substantially stabilized compared to the PlayStationVR due to the large surface area on the face. I am aware that a headset with a Halo Strap can never achieve the same stability as the Quest or even the normal Vive series. However, I find it very disappointing that the Cosmos feels even worse than the Sony glasses in this discipline.


Controller tracking

There are already enough discussions about controller tracking. Especially about the problem of what happens when the controllers cover each other.

My comparison between the controller tracking of the Oculus Quest and the Vive Cosmos will therefore show other problems of controller tracking.

When I look at the arrangement and the viewing angles of the camera lenses on the Cosmos, the blind spots should actually be much smaller than on the Oculus Quest. Nevertheless I have the feeling that the Cosmos loses tracking to the controllers in much more positions than it does in the Quest.

Also the implementation of movements sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. 

For this purpose I made two mixed reality videos. One with the Oculus Quest and one with the Vive Cosmos.

Video Oculus Quest
Video Vive Cosmos

I would like to point out that I am by no means a professional in the game and I also had a lot of brainlag due to sleepiness at the time. Nevertheless I think you can see quite well where the tracking problems are.

What do I want to say with this comment?

For the price that HTC wants for the Cosmos series, HTC must also deliver a corresponding quality. This applies not only to hardware, but also to software. Especially in the core disciplines necessary for VR, such as tracking, I would like to be able to expect at least the same quality, in comparison to the much cheaper competitors. In this discipline, however, the deficits are still very large.


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