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SteamVR won't detect Wireless


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32 minutes ago, lamyipming said:

Launching SteamVR directly will not automatically detect my wireless headset, unless I start Vive Console on my own.

Any fix?

Hey @lamyipming!

If you're referring to the wireless adapter, then the launch of the Vive wireless sw is required. From my understanding, this isn't an issue to fix. It is simply a requirement. 


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Thanks. Starting the Vive Wireless first solved my problem. Please delete the post if you wish.

I get used to starting Vive Console which automatically starts SteamVR with wireless detected without issue. However a game (City Car Driving) requires SteamVR to be turned off when starting the game - for some strange reason the game must launch SteamVR by itself. But in that way SteamVR won't detect the wireless headset since Vive Console isn't launched. That's why I asked.

For anyone else encountered the same issue, you should start Vive Wireless to establish the connection first - don't rely on Vive Console to do that for you. 

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@lamyipming - Having an order of operations helps.

I pin all of the icons on my start menu from left to right so I can click across the apps easily. My order is Wireless, Console, than SteamVR. Wireless is a very complex product in the backend - ensuring that you start wireless and have a good connection before starting any additional app is the best way to ensure everything boots correctly the first time.

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