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Vive Cosmos Upgrade Kit?


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Is anyone else wondering why existing Vive cosmos owners can't buy an elite upgrade kit?  The face plate is removable.  With all the issues current Vive cosmos owners have, I.E. can't play archery games due to bad tracking, a lot of games not liking the cosmos so vast compatibility issues, etc.

I have deformed hands from a disability at birth, can't use the existing Vive Cosmos controllers hardly at all.  I'd love an upgrade kit where i can use the older Vive controllers!

Is there any info on this?  Anyone else feel a little raw about HTC's disregard for existing Vive cosmos owners?

@C.T. @stvnxu

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Hey @Tindelltech! As far as I know there hasn't been an "upgrade kit" type bundle offered for existing owners of the Cosmos, yet. Only choice at the moment is to buy the additional components piece by piece ($200 for the External Tracking faceplate, $184.99 x 2 Base Stations, $179.99 x 2 Vive Controllers. Grand Total = $930)
Obviously that price point is a little absurd, just about hitting the full price of $939 for the Cosmos.. 

To answer your other question - Yes, we are feeling a bit raw regarding the release of the Elite and the state of the Cosmos tracking right now. A common sentiment I've seen is that had we known that a better, similarly priced option of the headset would come out we would have waited. 

I've recently checked out the product page, comparing the various Cosmos models. This is the description for the model most of us own..

Optimized inside-out tracking. Tailored for learning, fitness and creative works.

The Cosmos was never marketed to me as a learning, fitness and creative headset - to me that sounds more in-line with an AIO HMD like the Oculus Quest. I always thought that the Cosmos was supposed to be the latest-gen, best tech that HTC could offer - for VR gaming. To HTC's credit the tracking has improved a lot, making the unplayable playable, but it's still not on the same level of accuracy as external tracking. The strategy going forward for myself is this - Be Patient or Spend More Money. Upgrading tracking is ridiculously pricey right now, so patience it is. Already seen a few people on here that have pulled the chute and bought an Index.

 @stvnxu, @C.T. Any whispers of an upgrade kit on the horizon?

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I paid $930 CAD for the Cosmos, I would expect HTC with a proof of purchase to offer us an Elite bundle upgrade for $300. 

Seeing as the Cosmos Elite is going for $1200, buying a face plate and all the separate parts for $600+ CAD to upgrade is a rip off.

We all got fooled by HTC buying the Vive Cosmos now it's time for them to set it right.

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^ This info had to come from our PR team hence why we couldn't reply to these threads. ET is manufactured in Taiwan so our situation is a little different than companies manufacturing in China but the health of our workers is definitely number 1 and we also have to follow the health and safety guidelines for each of the regions we have workers. We're working around the clock to adapt to COVID but there will be unavoidable impacts across the entire XR industry - especially on the hardware side.

I'm on day 3 of the San Francisco lockdown myself

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