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Many users same room


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Reasoning what can be the architecture to achieve this scenario, for a VR training solution where all users are in the same room, but in two different scenarios

A) one user act as master (either in VR or trough a control panel), controlling what it's shown in VR to all the other users.

B) all users active in the VR simulation

Max users about 20. I'm going trough all possible setups but there is always something I miss


  • there is any HTC technology enabling us to achieve the A) scenario? The users can be sit in the same room.
  • Also how is supposed to physically connect let's say 10/20 headset to the same Image Generator workstation? DisplayPort replicators?
  • I suppose I can also stream to YT and from there stream to the headsets using a media player, but prefer to avoid Internet connections. Using a local media player?
  • Might we use Vive Cosmos in this settings?


  • about B I have read the Wireless kit will enable a multi user settings, but I fear having 20 headset to recharge and people hitting each other in a safety training scenario with a simulated emergency, also the real distances will be never respected.
  • I can have the users sit and use something such as Cybershoes or 3dRudder for movements with wired headsets. Treadmills will be another option but total cost will be too high
  • CAVE will be another option, but again the price will be too step as a starting point
  • About software, I know using Photon Engine we can add multiplayer to the used realtime 3d engine, but here is any other HTC tech we can use?
  • Same as before not clear to me the hw setup needed to connect all the headset to the Image Generator
  • I suppose in this case external tracking, I can't think an alghoritm smart enough to maintain tracking trough cameras with the surrounding environment changing due to other users movement (even if i.e. on a chair)
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