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Not detecting wireless adapter


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Hey there,


Used it wireless for about two years now.Today I got my wireless adapter.

Setup seems pretty easy.But after i'm done with that,it does not recognize my headset.

When I try to pair,the adapter does not light up as it is supposed to do.

Trying lots of things,hoping someone had the same issue and fixed it.

Have a nice day!

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  • Is the wireless adapter receiving power? Any activity from the LED on the headset side of the wireless adapter? Does the HMD have power as indicated by it's status light?
  • On the PC side, when you try to pair the adapter - the HMD side adapter's LED will start blink green rapidly at which point you press the Vive logo to complete the pairing process. Afterwards you should see the HMD listed as connected alongside a signal-strength graphic.
  • You always want to start the wireless adapter software and pair the HMD fully before opening SteamVR. Opening SteamVR first will generally not work.
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