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Lighthouse Design suggestion


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So, I decided to really test the limits of my viewing area.  And I KNOW you are gonna think I am strange for suggesting this.. But me, being me, always have to finds and test the limits of the technology I own. 


I have noticed that if I get too low to the ground or try to lay (face up) on the ground, the lighthouses lose me, and the screen goes gray.


I would like to make two suggestions....


1.  There should be one or two sensing rows of LED's on the bottom of the lighthouse to cover anything happening almost immediately below it.


2.  There should be an option somewhere to pause the video/image at the last spot you are at before you hit the barrier, and just give you a proximity alert.  That way, if you pass it, the images is stuck at the last thing you could see (instead of going whitish gray)), and then just give you a little status message so you know why. 


I mostly doing this to (a see if I could lay down and look up at the sky..b) see under things that are in volumetric videos/pictures.   (no, I don't mean skirts...)  I mean machinery and other cool things that I want to be able to view from any angle..

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