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Half Life: Alyx Redemption Code Issue


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Hey there,

I recently bought 2 HTC Vive Cosmos Elite and it came with 2 Codes in the box which I redeemed at vive.com/code.

Now I have a bit of a Problem, as I could only choose between Alyx and 6 months of Viveport Infinity. I chose Viveport, and then the option to redeem Alyx just never came up again, and the website says my codes are invalid. The viveport code worked just fine.

I even went to the page where you can see your redeemed codes but all I can see is the viveport code I already used. This is a bummer because the Terms and Condition clearly state that I get BOTH codes, one for Viveport and one for Alyx.

I already did a Live Chat with support but to no avail, they just told me to redeem my code on Steam and they wouldnt understand I never got my codes.

Does anyone else have this Problem? I'm really disappointed how all of this is handled, because at the moment no one is able to help me.

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@Docnocternal @omagon9

If you’re having trouble redeeming Half-Life: Alyx during the OOBE process from your Cosmos Elite purchase, please visit here to get your game.

You can click the “Have a question” button on the right-hand side if you can ‘t redeem the code successfully. Or you can reach out to our support channel directly (vive_care@vive.com ). 


hla redeem.png

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