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Cosmos Correct Room Lighting - Your experiences


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So, I have decided to try and love my Cosmos despite all its problems. I cannot return it, Vive won't accept it either since it wasn't bought directly from them - so I decided to make do with what I have.

If I brush aside the tracking issues (which I hope they keep getting work on, and not forgotten because of the Elite) - I actually love its comfort and visuals.

So my question is .... what did you guys find to be the best lighting setup to minimise tracking errors, and avoid that all-annoying dark environment popup?


I'm using artificial light as daylight in my nerd-cave annoys me. It's a a 2 metre by 4 metre room, with shelves, computer hardware and stuff, so has plenty of room details to hook up on for tracking.

I only have though 1 bulb in the middle of room, that does all the lighting. It's a strong daylight white LED that illuminates the room pretty nicely for my "human needs", and while Cosmos works ok *most* of the time, it still randomly pops up the message, even when I'm playing a sitting game like Catch & Release in the middle of the room directly under the light bulb. I wouldn't mind investing in a little more lighting setup, if that means better tracking and less errors.


What have been your experiences so for? Any lighting setup that you found works best? The online manual for Vive Cosmos lighting preference isn't exactly exhausting in options.

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