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Got my Cosmos and I'm so disappointed!

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Unfortunatly the store where I purchased don't return it!

And I can't afford to buy another one.

After many tests, the best I could manage was to remove the face protectors and place the headset almost on top of my head. This way I can manage to more or less maintain the sweet spot focused. It´s not good but at least I can play.

HAd also problems in left speaker...I managed to fix it. It was bad contact in the wire.

I hope in a near future we have better headsets in an affordable reasonable price. For me my sincere opinion 830€ for the Cosmos it's realy too much for the quality and funcionality.




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I need to tell that I experienced drivers conflicts with steam ivry because I had my ps4vr installed before cosmos.

So yesterday I removed everything.. steam, cosmos drivers etc. Started all over from beginning and in fact image quality got better. Don't ask me how...

So for now my experience with cosmos got better. Image not perfect because the sweet spot continues to be small and with a couple of movments in the headset we need to adjust it again. I need to maintain the adjustments of the headset to high in my head.... Periferal vision maintain blurriness but ...but...ok....not that bad now...

I was almost selling it 🙂

I will try different games now to test it better.



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On 4/6/2020 at 9:20 PM, stvnxu said:


Keep us posted!

Here's my list of current top games if you're looking for suggestions:
- Westworld Awakening 
- Half-Life Alyx
- Pistol Whip

If you're playing Elite Dangerous... maybe look into No Man's Sky? I've heard mixed reviews, but it does have that exploration space vibe. 


My experience with NMS VR, is motion sickness going through the roof!

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