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How to Properly Add Wave SDK Native DLL`s into UNITY


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Hello everyone,
I am building an app for my focus plus and had no problems until I decided to vibrate controllers. A reference to wave_api.dll is needed for vibration and thats when I started getting    DllNotFoundException : wave_api.dll error.  I tried checking android and editor check boxes but still getting that error. I was trying to add reference manually in VS but file doesnt seem to be a valid reference file. 
I have been searching through forums and could find a proper answer on this. 

Any help would be highly appreciated,

P.S : unity 18.4.15 - latest waveVR sdk (i believe so, i am not sure where to check the version)

@Tony PH Lin @Cotta

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On 4/6/2020 at 9:51 AM, Sean Lu said:

Hi firativerson,

What's the API you used to  vibrate controllers? Is it WVR_TriggerVibration?

Did you use it in edit mode?

Could you just build an apk and test it? (not in edit mode)



Sean Lu


Hi @Sean Lu Thank you for quick response.
Here is how I am calling the vibration . Inside the UniversalControllerActions.cs  I am calling 
   WVR_HVR.WVR_TriggerVibration_HVR(WVR_DeviceType.WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Left, WVR_InputId.WVR_InputId_16, 10000000,300,WVR_Intensity.WVR_Intensity_Normal);

Also ,I am always trying on the device with no luck. 

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